$300.00 For first two hours of deposition recording. Fee includes setup up and strike. Fee includes media (DVDs/Video Files). No travel charges from Portland to Eugene, Oregon area. Additional time is billed at $95.00 an hour on 15 minute increments. No charge for the master DVDs or video files. Additional copies are $25.00 per DVD or video file. Deposition videos are archived on DVD for no additional cost.


Capitol City Video Inc. will sync the video file to the transcript. Fee is based on length of deposition video ($95.00 per hour). We provide a DataDVD that will launch DepoView™ or we can provide a sync file for use with programs like TrialDirector™, LiveNote™, SanctionII™, etc.


$95.00 / hr. Capitol City Video Inc. will edit your deposition to your specifications.

Day In The Life

$95.00 / hr. Capitol City Video Inc. produces “Day In The Life” videos that illustrate your clients daily routine in a short 10 - 20 minute video.