The Hope and Change Fairy

 I wrote this and shot this political satire video with Rand Chesshir.  I had  dust off all of my "acting skills."  Those would be the acting skills I picked up in highschool.


Frog Fears

Traveling up North to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in an annual event to visit my wife's parents.  It's become a tradition to create a short video every year while we are up there. 

This year was no exception.  Enjoy.


A Sandman Hotel Story

As mentioned in an earlier post, we stayed at the Sandman Hotel in Cranbrook, Alberta.  In order to stop the toilet from running all night long, you had to reach inside the toilet tank behind the stool and stop up the water drain.   The chain was broken inside the tank.  When we complained about this in the morning, the girl running the desk said, "Yea, we have a lot of problems with our toilets."  That's it.  Just a heads up.  I would avoid staying at the Sandman Hotel in Cranbrook, Alberta unless you enjoy unconventional water features in your hotel room.


House Construction in Saskatoon

We're back from our visit up North in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  It was a productive visit with my wife's aging parents.  They are in their mid-eighties and a building a new house.  They aren't having it built, they are building it themselves.  They have reached a point in their health were any kind of physical activity is extremely limited.  So how do you build a house?  You have children, and son-in-laws help out.  I installed tongue and groove hardwood flooring during this last visit.  My wife, Tamara did a great deal of house cleaning and organizing and caring for her parents.


Cranbrook, AB

We're spending the nite in Cranbrook, Alberta. Cranbrook is about an hour north of Bonner's Ferry, Idaho. We chose to stay at the Sandman Hotel. It's a comfortable place and the rate includes breakfast at Denny's in the morning.