Helping People

I spent a few hours with Chief Wayne Moore, shooting video for the SDAO Awards presentations.  He was a very inspirational person.  He displayed incredible dedication to the community he lives in and dedication to the people that work with him.  At the end of the interview he gave me a couple of Sixes Rural Fire hats and some patches.  If feel like I'm an unofficial member of the crew!  Thank you Wayne for sharing a part of your life with me.


Community Support

This was an inspiring video I was able to create for Special Districts Association of Oregon.  This video is about the community leaders of Milton-Freewater and how they reached out to the rest of the community to save the town from serious flooding threats.  With practically no money, the town worked together to repair all the dikes and river banks to ensure that the streets and businesses wouldn't be under water during the next heavy rains.


Research & Development

I teamed up with Rand Chesshir of Abbey Cinema to create an informational video for Peregrine Power.  Peregrine Power LLC is an Oregon company that carries out product engineering and R & D in power systems, power electronics, and controls.  They are an interesting company and you can learn more about them at


Celebrating Volunteers

This is a video segment from a project I created for Special Districts Association of Oregon.  I loved this story about Dave Haberman and his dedication to volunteer countless hours for his community.  He saw things that needed to happen in his community and he rolled up his sleeves and got to work.  I was inspired and I hope you will be to watching this video.


Movin' In

On August 26, I did one of those run and gun projects where you shoot the video in the morning and show the edited footage in the evening.  This project was created for Corban University.  New students were getting registered and moving in to the dorms.  Ryan Riffle helped with the videography on this project.